Real People Models & Talent, a Division of Kiddin’ Around of Alabama, Inc., is located in Birmingham, AL, USA.   We are a full service professional talent agency specializing in Broadcast Commercials,  Spokesperson Corporate Video Film, Commercial, Lifestyle, and Catalog Print projects.  We are client and talent driven providing a superior product.  We are the oldest and largest professional talent agency in the state of Alabama.   Founded in Georgia 1987, we have grown to one of the most respected agency’s in Southeastern United States.  Most of our talent and clients are based within the southeast but we do represent many models and actors throughout the united States so that our clients can be surrounded in a professional and successful environment.  Just as the talent industry has evolved so has Real People Birmingham, Alabama.  New features are in development making it easier for our clients to find the right talent for their project.  As our client you can make one phone to us and we do the work bringing your campaign to full success.  Although Real People is not a union agency, we are throughly knowledgeable and experienced in AFTRA and SAG talent procedures. Alabama is a right-to-work state, which means that non-union talent can be employed in union productions in accordance with the Taft-Hartley Act. If your production requires talent skills that only SAG actors can provide, we can help you understand the complexities of union work rules and rates, forecast a budget and obtain a union paymaster. We can help you complete your obligations under a One-Performance-Only (OPO) contract. Our mission at Real People is to find the right talent for your project.


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THIS LINK IS FOR BUSINESS CLIENTS ONLY.  REAL PEOPLE 1025 23RD STREET SOUTH, SUITE 370 BIRMINGHAM, AL 35205 USA P +1.205.323.5437 NOTE:  If you are seeking representation as talent, please do not contact us here.  Instead, please first choose the “FAQ” link above.  After reading that material, if you decide to proceed, please follow the directions given in the “Submission” link above.